10 Reasons You Should Use a Dental Staffing Agency

Working in a dental practice can be demanding and stressful- not only for the dentist but also for their staff. When major surgery is required or there are unexpected emergency situations, it’s important to have reliable back-up on-call to provide coverage when needed. With a dental staffing agency, you can ensure that your office has enough staff without having to worry about hiring someone every time you need them. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider using a dental staffing agency:

1. Dental staffing agencies have access to many skilled and experienced dentists which can be contractually agreed upon on a per-case basis. This enables the clinic owner to hire more staff than they would be able to with just one dentist plus the challenges of finding skilled labor in this small town.

2. The dentist can have no worries about whether their temporary employees will show up or stay for the day because they will provide all of this through their services/employees- from the interview, orientation, and training.

3. Dental staffing agencies can handle the administrative task involved in hiring temporary employees such as background checks, verifying work history, and employment references. They save you time by arranging probationary periods allowing covered services to begin quickly while still providing an opportunity to terminate the relationship immediately if there are problems with performance during this period of time.

4. Dental staffing agencies provide an immediate and ready source of skilled temporary labor which saves you time and money.

5. You can have access to quick and easy hiring because dental staffing agencies arrange initial interviews and prescreen candidates for jobs before arranging a final interview with the dentist.

6. The agency provides ongoing training as well to ensure that they can properly fill positions.

7. The dental staffing agency also provides a system for paying temporary staff which limits the risk of employee theft or workers’ compensation claims. By using an outside agency to hire labor has helped many small business owners avoid making costly mistakes.

8. A good dental staffing agency will be able to find and provide qualified staff for the particular dental practice, whether your office is large or small, if you would prefer to hire any of their employees on a permanent basis.

9. The staffing agency has access to many qualified candidates that can fill the needs of your clinic, so there`s no need to do all of the advertising yourself and also save time in interviewing too.

10. To properly hand out benefits, dental staffing agencies arrange for employment contracts, tax withholding, payroll deductions and workers’ compensation coverage as well. This saves you time because they will take care of this for you so that your temporary employees can start work immediately without having to wait a long time for these arrangements to be made.

Dental staffing agencies provide a valuable service that can save time and headaches. Dental staffing agencies have access to many skilled and experienced dentists which helps keep the dental clinic running by providing reliable coverage for the dentist. The agency provides ongoing training as well to ensure they can properly fill positions, find qualified staff for your particular needs, arrange employment contracts and tax withholding so you don’t have to worry about sorting these things out on your own.  If there are problems with performance during this probationary period of time, they also offer an opportunity to terminate the relationship immediately without having it linger in limbo while you try to figure out what is going wrong or how best to address any issues with current employees. If all of this sounds interesting or if you

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